Luma helps communities come together to achieve their goals.

We started Luma 1 year ago, but it sits on top of years of our combined experience building products for communities and small businesses. Our first event was a yoga class hosted by a friend of Victor's who was recently laid off. Since then, we have hosted over 17k different events that have brought in over 300k guests around the world.

We believe everyone has something to share with the world, and our mission is to make it happen with great, interactive experiences online. While COVID may have created barriers between geographies, it has certainly pulled us closer online than ever before, no matter where we are. We are helping people meaningfully connect online, and we are just getting started.

Our Values

Founding Team

Danqing (Dan) Liu

🛫 Founded TinyMind, Society, Biwen

💼 Engineer at YouTube, Uber, PlanGrid

🎓 Yale CS '13

Victor Pontis

🛫 Founded Scooter Map, Spring, CoBattery

💼 Engineer at Benchling, Picnic Health

🎓 MIT CS & Physics '15

Open Roles

As part of the founding team, you will be shaping the future of the company across all dimensions — product, vision, and culture. Don't see a role that fits you? We'd still love to talk!

👩‍💻 Founding Engineer

As a software engineer, you'll join a full-stack technical team obsessed with building a polished product that our customers love to use.

You'll be more than just an engineer. You will spend time talking to customers, thinking about user experience, and debating business strategy.

What does success look like?